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Fine Art Western Photography Prints Mounting and Framing Options

We believe that photography should be recognized and acknowledged as fine art collectible work; which is why we use only the finest papers and mounting processes and carefully choose the printing techniques used on each and every image.

Because we strive to match all of our fine art prints as closely as possible to the images you have viewed on this website, the print sizes offered matches the relative dimensions (2:3 ratio) of a full 35mm digital capture ( 6x9, 8x12,10 x 15, 12x18, 16x24, 24x36 and 36x48 inches).  Some images may still be cropped to standard sizes upon request without loosing important elements of the image. If requesting different sizing please include image name and number.

Western Photographers offers all images as Fine Art Canvas Giclées, Plaq's (wood mounting, no glass), Acrylic  and Aluminum.

Canvas Wrapped images are printed on long-lasting, archival canvas, this top quality, museum grade canvas is characterized by exceptional whiteness, great color saturation and the ability to capture subtle tonal variations. When viewed under proper conditions, you can expect from 100 - 200 years of life with our Museum Canvas. Images are wrapped around a 3/4 inch or a 1.5 inch wooden stretcher frame and are ready to hang.

Double Plaq with Burl Frame

Made from premium eco-friendly wood, Plaq's create a durable, long-lasting way to preserve and present your fine art images. Images are mounted on an acid-free 3/8” thick surface and finished with a beveled edge. Surface coating finishes are offered to maintain UV protection and moisture resistance.

Aluminum Mountings

Aluminum printing is a distinctive way to display your artwork in a highly durable and lightweight presentation. The images are mounted to a thin, rigid piece of aluminum and coated with a durable, UV-protected and moisture-resistant finish. The edges are straight and the silvery color of the thin aluminum is exposed.

Standard Plaq's are also available as a mounting option. With this option there is no backing piece of wood and no frame. They have a beveled edge that is either finished with a wood grain or black edge to enhance the chosen image. Standard Plaq's are also UV-protected and have a moisture resistant finish applied. We can add a frame to these as well.

Acrylic's offer limitless options for artwork presentation and customization. Artwork is mounted to the back of high-grade acrylic giving it an unbeatably crystal-clear, three dimensional feel as the picture is seen thru the acrylic. It is both UV-protected and scratch-resistant giving acrylic artwork a look that is as durable as it is unique. A 0.125” black, acid-free board is provided on the back of Standard acrylic to fully encase and protect face mounted artwork. A variety of options can be selected to accent the mounted artwork; the edge can be finished with a frosted beveled edge or colored beveled edge. Additionally, the edge can be straight cut for framing or signage applications. 

To accentuate the dimensionality of artwork, a cleat hanging system is applied to the backside of the acrylic for mounting. Acrylic's can also be manufactured without hanging systems and /or backing board; typically this would be suggested for framing, ceiling hanging, signage, or when standoffs are applied. Contact DuraPlaq™ for hanging and mounting inquires.

Material: 0.1875” Art-Grade, UV Protected, and Scratch-Resistant acrylic

Surface Finish Options: 0.1875” Art-Grade, UV Protected, and Scratch-Resistant acrylic

Hanging System Options: Framed, Float (STD), Standoffs, Wire Float, None

Edge: Frosted Beveled Edge, Colored Beveled Edge, Straight Edge



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